Quinoa Serum 911

biotop quinoa 911 series serum

Quinoa Serum 911


Highly concentrated and quick acting. The Serum contains quinoa protein which prevents split ends in fine, brittle + chemically treated hair by penetrating the cuticle and nourishing the hair shaft! Restores elasticity! Adds gloss and vitality. Leaves hair extra soft without feeling oily.




SERUM is safe for use on chemically straightened hair, wigs and extensions (synthetic and human hair). Compatible for use with heat (blow drying, flat+curling irons), its a serum that doesn’t fry hair! All the benefits that a serum provides (shine and elasticity) without feeling oily. Seals the cuticle and provides a barrier of protection. Does not discolor hair. Great frizz control product and styling aid, wet or dry.



Apply to wet (or dry) hair. Leave-in. Dry and style as usual. Complements all other styling products.



Ironically when hair air-dries it absorbs humidity. Because it causes frizz, many anti-frizz serums ‘work’ by taking humidity (moisture!) OUT of the hair. But over time this can have a drying effect. The Quinoa Serum bypasses frizz all together by sealing hair while it is wet and disallowing the hair to absorb outside moisture as it dries.


125ml | 4.25floz


Quinoa Series 911