Quinoa Shampoo | 16.9 oz


Begin your routine with 911 Quinoa Shampoo! Suitable for all hair types, it’s gentle on sensitive skin, leaves hair soft and promotes elasticity. Tames flyaway hair caused by static electricity. Formulated for use after chemical straightening.




The entire Quinoa Series was developed to treat and prevent dry, damaged hair. Quinoa proteins penetrate the hair cuticle to nourish and heal the hair shaft from the inside out. 911 SHAMPOO has a unique lather because it is SLS free (sodium lauryl sulphate, a lathering agent). This does not affect its ability to clean. Due to its high moisture content and natural botanicals, it makes a body wash in a pinch!


Apply and lather well, massaging into hair. Wait 5 minutes. Rinse, repeat.



Everyone knows unwashed hair is awesome to style. It just works. But if your roots get greasy before you’re able to enjoy the day-after-do, have we got a treat for you. Use the 911 Quinoa Shampoo for a few weeks. A charming side effect is likely to occur…your usually greasy roots are…not! In fact (busy Moms will love this), I even went to day 3 and got away with it. Oh snap.


500ml | 16.9floz


Quinoa Series 911, Shampoo